Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ratiba ya Ndege za Auric Air

Please find our updated time table effective 19 April 2013.
Flight 104 from Mwanza to Bukoba, is shown as to dept. at 17:30 from Mwanza, and Flight 101 from Bukoba to Mwanza, is show as to dept at 06:45 from Bukoba

However temporarily we are departing in the morning at 06:15 from Mwanza and 07:20 from Bukoba, due to runway maintenance in progress in the afternoons. This will be until further notice.

Our Schedules in short:
Mwanza - Bukoba - Mwanza (DAILY)
Mwanza - Musoma - Mwanza (Mon / Wed / Fri and Sun)
Mwanza - Rubondo - Mwanza (DAILY)
Bukoba - Rubondo - Bukoba (DAILY)
Dar Es Salaam - Iringa - Dar Es Salaam (DAILY)
Dar Es Salaam - Songea - Dar Es Salaam (Mon / Tue / Thu / Fri and Sat)
Iringa - Songea - Iringa (Mon / Tue / Thu / Fri and Sat)
Mwanza - Mpanda - Mwanza (WED / SUN)
Dar Es Salaam - Mbeya - Dar Es Salaam (WED / FRI and SUN)
Dar Es Salaam - Sumbawanga - Dar Es Salaam (WED / FRI and SUN)
Iringa - Sumbawanga - Iringa (WED / FRI and SUN)
Mbeya - Sumbawanga - Mbeya (WED / FRI and SUN)
Iringa - Mbeya - Iringa (WED / FRI and SUN)
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  1. how do I get from Bukoba to Sergenteti?

  2. how do I get from daresalam to mbeya

  3. From Bukoba to Serengeti you will have to fly through Mwanza or drive via Mwanza as well.

    From Dar to Mbeya you have the option of flying directly or drive (around 10hrs)

  4. ni shilling ngapi kutoka mwanza kwenda bukoba one way