Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vijimambo vya kwenye Walking Safaris hapa Tanzania

Tanzania Giraffe Safaris Limited
Soma zaidi kupitia Tanzania Giraffe Safaris Ltd


  1. Hi KK,
    I was shocked by the way you are taking the campaigning through walking. Seriously it takes heart to put the courage in the line. Incredible and brave act..Safaris will always be those wonderful manly adventures. Thanks for your courage..
    Tanzania walking safari

  2. Hi Omary,
    Walking safaris is one of those activities which brings you so much closer to the wildlife. I've done it in Selous & Tarangire and I enjoyed the moments. caution needs to be taken into consideration. work with an expert in the excursion.

    1. Well, congratulations! You should have a marvelous trip!
      Thanks for sharing your brief experience which can give a lot of inspiration to those who have to courage to do so. It can only be achieved through proper guidance and of course planning too.
      Thank you, KK...