Saturday, August 3, 2013

What's been happening at Ndutu Safari Lodge? - March, April, May and June 2013

More apologies for a much delayed Newsletter of Ndutu! In this shared news letter Ainslie at the end will fill you in on all our exciting “cat” news. We hope we can make up for the delay through this extra long edition of all past four months’ happenings.
We left the last ‘issue’ in the beginning of February, when the Ndutu area is at its busiest with the Lodge almost full every night! Not a year is the same, and with the rains dictating the animal movements and the flora, every year brings new and different spectacles.
The rains were “like the old days” this year from November to the end of June all of 679 mm (our yearly average now stands at 590 mm), so it was wonderful to see how both Lake Ndutu and Masek filled and immediately enticed many shorebirds and flamingos to reside with great numbers still flocking the two lakes till now. Read More.... 

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